42, High Street, Billericay CM12 9BQ
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We are finally moving to Billericay High Street

We are so excited to be moving to Billericay High Street at Chequers Cottage, 42 High Street. The move date has been confirmed as 14th May 2019 and this date has a significance too as this date is 9th Anniversary of Billericay IT Solutions Limited.


Let’s roll the clock back a little and explain that the owner Paul Alexander set up a company called PA Testing Solutions Ltd in October 2004. Paul was a freelance contractor for 6 years working mainly in the City of London for Investment and Asset Management companies. On 13th May 2010 he decided to change to a local business providing IT support to local business and home users. This was when the original company name was changed to Billericay IT Solutions Ltd on 13th May 2010.


Billericay IT then became more involved with websites and branched out to also form Billericay Web Services. Both trading operations ran side by side until Paul decided to amalgamate the two operations under BWSIT, Billericay Web Services & IT. This is the business name we are moving forward with, although Billericay IT Ltd still runs in the background and is really only used for the purchase and sale of hardware so any customers can benefit from VAT relief should they be registered.


So BWSIT is our name and 42 High Street Billericay will be our address. We are equipping our new premises with additional work stations so we can run Workshops and really help the local community benefit from our experience. We believe we have fabulous local businesses and we will help them in any way we can. One of the benefits of our location is we invite any business to drop in for a 30 minute consultation on any aspect of their digital marketing. We shall shortly have a online booking system for this and it will be completely free for the consultation.