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We are excited to be part of Round Robin Networking and as part owners of the Networking Organisation with Danielle Balcombe, we have put a lot of effort into making it one of the friendliest networking events around. How do we know, well we listen to our members and Paul has previously been a member of BNI, EBN and 4N as well as attending many informal groups too. Danielle too, has attended many different groups. They all have worked to varying degrees but these Networking events run for the Network Organisations to make money for them. They have good business models for sure but so does Currys, Marks and Spencers, HSBC and so many others. They operate to make money for themselves and are sales focussed. They maximise sales to make a profit and the BNI are masters at it. EBN and 4N are close behind. They all use the sales pitch to encourage new members just as every business does and there is nothing wrong with that.

Round Robin Networking exists for its members and Danielle and me make no money from running the Network. We simply run it to help members and we are both members too so we benefit as members not as owners. Why do it this way you may ask. Well we both have similar values about caring for others and helping those around us. Danielle works tirelessly for Haircuts for the Homeless dedicating many hours and I work for a number of Schools in Essex on various projects as well as being on a board that ratifies career standards in schools. I love my work in this sector and working with Appleton School Benfleet to build some websites is very rewarding.

So look out for our meetings in Brentwood and Maldon and book some time out to attend.

In a couple of months time we may just hold a breakfast event or an evening event to see if there is an appetite for these type of events and gauge what our members want. Feedback is always so vital.


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