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Networking in Maldon

So here I am down in Maldon today to have talks with a networking group about amalgamating with RRN. The Group meet regularly at the Limes Guest House and I attended a couple of their meetings at the back end of last year. Their are some great opportunities in Maldon to attract some very good business people together and establish a quality networking group.

We are looking to do things a little different this year and build upon our foundations established over the past year and a half. In fact this March will be our 2nd anniversary! The emphasis this year is for the member to find the meetings more collaborative with interactive sessions in the meetings. Let’s work as a group on the latest developments that impact local businesses such as marketing (traditional and digital), accounting/bookkeeping, websites, social media, video and a few others. We all something we can bring to the party and let the networking turn into a “networkshop” where we are hands on as well as verbal communication.

Well that’s enough for now as my coffee here in Costa needs drinking and more details to follow soon.

Let’s make 2019 the best year yet!