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What is an SSD?

An SSD (Or solid state drive) is a relatively new form of technology.
It is a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory.


SSDs consist of no moving parts, they only consist of interconnected flash memory, so no time is lost with the drive searching for data with a magnetic head on a magnetic platter. This makes them much faster than their HDD (Hard disk drive) counterparts, often out performing them by up to 20 times.


SSDs are also better than HDDs in that their performance is much more reliable, unlike a HDD, they do not need to be defragmented regularly to maintain their performance. HDDs need to be defragmented because data for a single program may be stored on different parts of the platter in what we would call “Fragments”.

Because SSDs don’t use spinning platters, it won’t take any extra time to read from different parts of the drive.


SSDs are much more durable than HDDs, due to the lack of
moving parts, if you drop them you are unlikely to damage the data on them, and
the drive will work just as it had done prior to the accident.

On the other hand, if you dropped a HDD, you may severely damage the drive, and corrupt the data on the drive. You may also find that the drive will not even start, and you may need to dish out hundreds of pounds just to recover the data on the drive, and it’s not even be guaranteed that the data will be recovered.


If you are a gamer, an SSD may be worth having, this is because an SSD may reduce loading times in games, as you won’t be restricted to a HDD trying to find assets for the game, however. This won’t make that much of a difference as your FPS (frames per second) won’t be affected but your loading times will improve with an SSD.


Overall, SSDs are generally better to use than a HDD, they are more efficient in what they do, and will last longer than a HDD, with their prices diminishing and their storage capacity increasing, they are slowly but surely becoming the new forefront of modern data storage solutions.