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Business Mentoring with Kara-Rose

I have taken my first dip into the world of Business Mentoring and have had my first meeting with Kara-Rose who are a local business. Kara-Rose sell fabulous hand made candles and I first met them through the Networking organisation I help run called Round Robin Networking. Networking is so good to meet new businesses and find out more about them and I have certainly got to know Cara and Rowena much better and this relationship has helped me with the Mentoring with them. I know what is behind their business, their ambitions and of course the quality in their products.

The three of us met at the delightful Dandelion and Burdock Kitchen and Lounge in Stock. The place is a great meeting place and being in Stock is central to many areas including Billericay, Chelmsford, Ingatestone and surrounding areas.

The meeting consisted of some analysis on the Kara-Rose business looking at costs, sales, social media coverage, website traffic, product development and other areas as well. One of the main questions was where does the business want to be in 3 to 5 years time. What is the vision and once this is identified then we start thinking about the activities and deliverables to support this. Certainly for 2019, it is important to have some targets and forecasts and that will be the next session with Kara Rose. For the moment we have the foundations and I have understood the appetite for success from Cara and Rowena.

It was an enjoyable session and thought provoking too and my diverse background working in a Large Corporate for 25 years; Working freelance as a contractor for 5 to 6 years; running a local Charity’s IT for a couple of years; Setting up from scratch my own business for the past 7 years; running a successful Networking Organisation; being part of the Schools Enterprise Network working with local schools for the past 3 years; Working independently with Schools to support their entry into the Young Enterprise Competition; Part of the assessment board of the Employability and Skills (CEIAG Pre 16) which assess local Schools for awards on their ability to deliver Career and Education; Plus many other team associations give me a range of business and interpersonal skills at many levels.

Stepping into mentoring seemed a logical step and I will be looking for new clients to work with next year.

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