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Website Development in WordPress

We have been working on setting up two new websites for the Appleton School, Benfleet’s Young Enterprise teams for the 2019 competition. The domains and all the work is sponsored by us and I met to the two teams on Friday Afternoon after school hours. The team’s were so enthusiastic and full of some great ideas and it is turning these ideas into a reality and marketing their products through their websites.

So without revealing too much at this stage, we can confirm that their are two domains we have purchased and set up WordPress and a premium theme for the students to work with. viridiumuk.co.uk and unicouk.co.uk are the names and we will be working with the students every Friday to help build the websites with them. Can we win for the second year running is the question. If any other schools in the area would like to work with us on the competition then we would be more than happy to sponsor these schools and help them build some websites. We always make the time.

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