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round robin networking

Paul Alexander runs a business networking group with Danielle Balacombe at the Robin pub in Brentwood. The group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and have been meeting since March 2017. The group has over 300 members on Facebook and continues to go from strength to strength building links between local business people. Round Robin is built on an informal relaxed atmosphere that encourages individuals to talk about their businesses without time restrictions. Paul and Danielle will also ask questions too where needed to help individuals expand on sharing their business details. The extended air time really helps everyone to get a better understanding of the speaker’s business, their successes, how they market their business and the sort of clients they are looking for. This is a unique networking opportunity and one that everyone who attends buys into.

The Robin pub provide tea, coffee and water and also some tasty bits for a mid morning snack and all this is for under £5.00 too. The meetings run on the second Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to 12:00 so you don’t have to get up early. Try one out and you will be pleasantly surprised to find how welcoming everyone is. If you want anymore information then please contact Paul at paul@bwsit.co.uk

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