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Computer hardware supply brentwood

We were approached by Guided Learning to help them equip and set up their new premises in St Thomas Road, Brentwood. Guided Learning are providing personalised ICT, English and Mathematics tuition to adults and children to help boost confidence, self-resilience and enhance learning. The training is to be provided in a safe environment at the premises and we were specifically asked to look at providing computers and helping to set up some cabling from the router. The computers needed to have Microsoft Office installed and would mainly be used to access the internet. For a start up business, investing in new hardware can prove expensive and start up costs can become considerably high in a short space of time.

Billericay IT use a supplier of refurbished computers that provide excellent equipment and with some additional configuration of the hardware these can be made into fast and efficient machines. With Windows 10 home coming as standard then making sure the PC’s have 4GB is important and in this case, with data being consolidated onto a Network Attached Storage device, a 120GB Solid State hard drive was more than enough for their requirements. The Solid State Hard Drive or SSD as its is commonly known gives any computer a huge performance boost and at low prices these days are well worth switching to.

We ordered and took delivery of 5 computers and set up these with identical configurations apart from computer names. The process with SSD’s is so much quicker and adding Windows 10 updates took a little time as there was quite a big update that had just been released. The Windows 10 updates can prove troublesome but with 5 computers all exactly the same these were processed in quickly and efficiently.

Guided Learning are very happy with their set up and are open for business, so if you have any needs for additional tuition then we would highly recommend contacting Kamal Magecha (Rajani), the owner via email Email guidedLearning@btinternet.com or by Phone on 07426 822759