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digital training club build a website in wordpress

Digital Training Camp Success with Build A Website in WordPress

Our Digital Training camps go from strength to strength after a great week last week. We had three young students, James, Max and Thomas who all attended our Build a Website course completing the course successfully and learning lots in the process.

Thomas WordPress Website

Thomas built a website on baking which is his number one interest and it can be found at Pea Pod Bakery. The Pea Pod word originates from the fact the boys are triplets and three peas from the same pod.

Max WordPress Website

Max has in interest in reading and writing and designed a website called MW Reading and Writing. The website features articles on these subjects and is an interesting site.

James WordPress Website

James took a different approach and built his website around Billericay. The site named Billericay Info featured different aspects of Billericay offering guidance.

The main aim of the course is to show how a website can be built from very little knowledge up front, how the website can be styled and updated and how someone can manage the site going forward. On top of this the courses are relaxed and our attendees enjoy the experience.

There is no doubt that adding something of this nature to a student’s CV is invaluable and will make the students stand out for all the right reasons.

Our Build A website in WordPress courses are available to anyone and look at our training page for more details.

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